About Us

Our Mission: To Bring You Excellent, Grand Experiences

Inspired by a passion to bring joy and togetherness in every gathering, Grand Videoke is serious in building the most advanced karaoke systems. Since 1999, we are leading the portable karaoke industry in terms of technology, contents, refinement and quality.

Each Grand Videoke system is using the best components and production techniques including sound modules from DREAM® of France, professional-quality voice coils and wireless systems for the microphones, steam injection piano black housing materials, and full orchestra music production.

We are the first brand to produce the portable karaoke system with Voice Command that allows you to choose and select songs with just your voice with the Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0 PLUS. We are also the first brand to release a line of portable karaoke systems with Perfect Pitch AI Voice Coach and Advanced Scoring System with the Grand Videoke 3 PRO series. This feature allows users to experience having their own on-demand vocal coach at the comfort of their homes.

Grand Videoke's History


A small company named In-A-Jiffy Enterprises introduced the first portable karaoke product in the Philippine market, known as WOW! Magic Sing. From then on, karaoke became every household’s favorite both in the home market and abroad.


In 2009, In-A-Jiffy Enterprises partnered with RealSound Corporation, the exclusive distributor of TJ Media products in the Philippines. TJ Media is the market leader of professional karaoke systems in Korea. With this partnership with TJ Media, RealSound Corporation introduced WOW! Videoke, a new line of portable videoke with technology and innovation found only in professional box karaoke such as RealSound, Chorus, Multiplex, Moving Video Backgrounds, and more. This ushered a new era in videoke entertainment, which was coined “TOTAL KARAOKE REVOLUTION”.

2013 and Beyond

Our commitment to provide the best videoke product inspires the birth of the remarkable brand - GRAND VIDEOKE. Launched in October 2013, GRAND VIDEOKE brings videoke experience to a new level of enjoyment, enriching family relationships and connections.