Video Tutorials - Soprano 10 Digital

How to Connect the Soprano 10 Digital to a TV and an External Speaker System — Including Home Theatre Systems, Soundbars, PA systems, and Audio mixers 

Some customers would like to use their external speakers (soundbars, home theatre system) or professional PA systems to get the best sound out of their Soprano 10 Digital system. This video walkthrough is also applicable for other speaker systems that use RCA jacks (white and red jacks) for their audio inputs. Using the audio connection method described in this video will also solve audio delay/sync issues on connections that are using straight HDMI-only to the TV for both video and audio. 

How to Connect the Soprano 10 Digital to a TV using HDMI 

This is the simplest way of connecting your Soprano 10 Digital system with your TV. With just one HDMI cable, Full HD video and audio will be streamed to your TV. Please note that this connection method may not give you the best performance in terms of sound quality as TV speakers are usually compact with not much output power. Also, there are instances where you would experience audio delay/sync issues on some TVs. This is an issue where your voice that's picked up by the microphone will be outputted by the TV speakers with a half-second delay. This is not a defect on the Grand Videoke, but an issue with the audio digital-analog converter (DAC) in your TV having a hard time catching up and processing live audio. Other karaoke system brands will give you the same issue on their HDMI. 

How to Play Multimedia Files

You can use your Soprano 10 Digital to play back videos and music files through the USB multimedia function of the system. The USB port supports external storage such as USB-based flash drives, SSDs, and hard drives of up to 2 TB. 

How to Connect the Soprano 10 Digital to a TV using RCA (i.e. older TVs without HDMI)

Some of our customers are using older or classic TVs that aren’t equipped with HDMI inputs. The Soprano 10 Digital system is equipped with RCA outputs for these types of TVs. Please note that RCA output is only limited to NTSC or PAL 480i. RCA outputs are not capable of outputting Full HD 1080p video. 

How to Rechannel the Wireless Microphones

The Soprano 10 Digital’s GrandVoice 2.0 Wireless Technology gives you the freedom to choose the best frequency for a seamless singing experience. This can be done by re-channeling your Soprano 10 Digital’s wireless microphones to get locked in to a more stable wireless signal.

How To Search Songs

With the Soprano 10 Digital, searching for songs is very easy. You can search by title, artist, and song number through the remote control. When searching by title or by artist, our Initials Search method makes it easier for you to type in the songs for faster searching.

How to Install the Soprano 10 Digital in a Car

With the Soprano 10 Digital’s compact size and robust build, you can easily install the system in the car. This will let you use your Soprano 10 Digital as an ideal companion to let you have hours of singing on road trips and camps.